Malmono is a rock quartet from Valencia, formed by Alvaro, Javi, Borja and Quique. It fuses smooth and pleasant rhythms with heavier and rebellious riffs, evoking sounds of yesteryear with touches of modernity and psychedelia. This group captivates with its raw energy and lyrical authenticity, through its particular inclusion of keyboard, synthesizer and backing vocals. In both Spanish and English, Malmono transcends musical boundaries, leaving his particular mark on every chord.

Alvaro, Javi and Borja were members of another band called Family Gringo, which we could consider as a natural precedent of what Malmono is today. With the inclusion of Quique in the team, the composition of this group is complete.

Malmono is currently finalizing the creation of his first album, but has 3 Singles on Youtube: "Things for granted" (2022), "Emotion" (2022) and "Magical Mystery Tour" (2023). The first two are also available on Spotify. Malmono's stage debut will take place at RADIO CITY VLC early this year 2024.

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