Lidia Reyes

Flamenco has always had its own space in the hall, being Tuesday the day that a quality show has been offered uninterruptedly for almost 25 years. We have managed to attract travelers from all over the world to our restaurant and the ratings on social networks certify the very high degree of satisfaction among international customers.

We think we know everything about flamenco, that everything has already been said, but it is not so. At RADIO CITY, Valencia, flamenco is rediscovered and reinvented every Tuesday. Every week the duende of flamenco fills our hall with a special magic that only flamenco knows how to create. A duende born of passion, art and tradition, culture and the desire to transmit feelings through music and dance. Each of the artists who pass through our room leaves a little bit of themselves on stage, a small dose of unique and unrepeatable art, an intangible and non-transferable souvenir. In Radio City we think that art must be experienced in first person, so come and see for yourself that this art, dynamic and changing, is always in constant evolution.

Estilos musicales:

Baile, Flamenco