Hey Bulldogs

Do you love The Beatles? Wigs not your thing? You will like the dogs. The only tribute band that isn't number one anywhere and has never played The Cavern, to boot. A win-win, come on. Hey Bulldogs are committed to an idea of live show where every element is produced in service of the uncontested spectacle, throwing the rest in endless choruses of three, four or five voices, orchestral arrangements and sixties synthesizers that span without complexes from the so-called beatlemania of the early years, of infectious rock 'n roll, passing through their transitions of love for details, new guitars, psychedelia, and arriving at the culminating point of the avant-garde where everything had its place and could never, unfortunately, be experienced live.

They are not an ordinary tribute band: here the tribute is pure music that sounds like Beatles and energy on stage, without the theatricality of copying certain gestures or aesthetics. Hey Bulldogs have the sound that would have stayed in our heads had The Beatles remained active. With that hallmark of identity that spreads the attitude on stage to the public, to have a good time up and down in a show that, if it had to be described in one word, it would be "fun", Hey Bulldogs give themselves live to the proposal of the four from Liverpool in their most playful and vital line, with a complete tour of their entire musical history.

They have played in the most prestigious Beatles festivals in the country, although they are a band that loves the club and jazz venues, where good sound and a unique atmosphere are the protagonists. Currently, they are touring Spain playing live the Fab 4 albums one by one, adding to the show, in addition, songs from the solo stage of any of them and some special songs that surprise the audience.

Estilos musicales:

Alternativa, Guitarra, India, Indie, Pop, Tributo Beatles