Carmen Iniesta

Carmen Iniesta is a dancer, choreographer, castanet concert performer and teacher from Seville, with a diploma in Choreography from the Conservatorio Superior de Danza de Málaga. She has an elegant style, with solid foundations that allow her to develop her creativity personally, in the right balance between tradition and avant-garde.

She has extensive experience in the most prestigious Flamenco stages since 2002 (El Patio, los Gallos, El Cordobés...). In 2009 she created her own Company, which has premiered so far the shows: “Fuente del Berro”, “Castañuelas Concert”, “Flamenco de Vuelta”, and “Flamenco Desde la Barrera”. She has been teaching since 2002, teaching classes both in her city, Seville, and internationally.

Since 2015 she has had her own Dance Studio, headquarters of her Company and where she develops her teaching work.

Estilos musicales:

Baile, Flamenco