Bangoo is a Valencian indie rock band formed in 2018 by Robin, Victor D, Victor G and Coke. Their sound is mainly composed of energetic guitars accompanied by pianos and analog synthesizers. They understand music as the easiest and most entertaining way to express their concerns.

Bangoo has already released three previews, concerts in renowned venues in the Spanish music scene such as Café La Palma and the release of their debut album in summer 2023. Robin and Victor D met after high school and their love for the British post-punk movement encouraged them to create a band. After years of playing with different musicians, in 2018 they formed the band Bangoo with Coke and Victor G. In 2019 they released their first advance 'Runaway', followed in 2020 by 'Videogames' and 'Before I Let You Go'. In summer 2023, Bangoo releases his debut album: 'Strengths, Fears and Truths', and returns to the stage.

Estilos musicales:

Indie, Rock